Environment and energy

Environment and energy: Reacting flexibly via remote access

Environment and energy is an area that is linked to many other topics. Especially the energy sector depends on regular maintenance, control and up-to-dateness. Imagine the power supply breaks down and no one has access. For automated or standardised fault and error messages as well as alarms, it is of immense advantage to be able to react directly via remote access without being on site to take certain or necessary measures. A wide range of application areas or conceivable scenarios, from troubleshooting a machine to activating the emergency generator in the event of a power failure to quickly switching off or restarting an application.

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Environmental and energy requirements: remote access in case of malfunctions and alarm messages

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Remote access with fast response time and the possibility of direct intervention offers great advantages for the environment and energy in order to locate and remedy faults, malfunctions and alarms immediately, to manage them immediately and to forward further information to the right places as quickly as possible.

With IoT complete solutions that are secure, flexible and individually configurable, many scenarios and applications can be covered. The worldwide availability of such a solution makes you independent and allows you to plan and deploy staff and resources efficiently. This eliminates the need for expensive on-site operations or longer journeys. Through secure data connections and private APNs and IP addresses, a bidirectional transfer of information can be signed off securely and in compliance with data protection regulations.

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Advantages of the Environment and Energy Sector

Smart metering: What you should know about the environment and energy

Smart meters, also known as smart metering, collect, process, monitor and analyse data and transmit it continuously to a central control centre. When reading out the data, data volumes in the KB range are often read out and transmitted. With this process and requirements, IoT solutions with their scope of services and properties are particularly well suited to revolutionise the environment and energy sector.
Umwelt und Energie: Smart Metering



With smart metering devices and systems, it is possible to optimise the collection and transmission of small amounts of data in the form of measured values. This is especially true for a large number of metering points, such as municipal utilities or energy suppliers that work with thousands of different meters.

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Smart streetlights

It is a thing of the past that street lanterns are exclusively lit. Sensors attached to the luminaires make it possible to dim the brightness of the lanterns at the first light in the morning by means of a central control system.



IoT-basierte Straßenbeleuchtung
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Reading and transmitting information and data on the fill level or alerting when minimum or maximum values are reached in oil tanks or other liquid containers can be realised via simple, convenient and reliable IoT solutions. They provide security and access even in hard-to-reach or exposed locations and also help to find the optimal and cost-effective time to refuel or refill.
Umwelt und Energie: Automatische Messung und Alarmierung



Oil tanks and other liquid containers are easy to monitor and manage via remote reading and intelligent detection systems, sensors and services. The solution sends a level status at a set interval, e.g. once a week, via the integrated sensor technology installed in the tank or container as a probe, float or other form.

In addition, if predefined minimum or limit values are not met, an alarm is automatically triggered or, if provided for or agreed with the supplier, an order notification is immediately triggered. Furthermore, depending on the version or design, an alarm or notification for further scenarios can be integrated via sensors, e.g. low battery level or also increased temperature or smoke development.

With the regular data, extensive evaluations and analyses of the consumption as well as the usage behaviour are possible, which are very helpful, among other things, for the planning of repeat orders with regard to cost-effective oil prices.

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