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Transport and logistics: The solution for effectiveness and increased turnover

Transport and logistics face challenges every day: You can't find a parking space, guests and visitors have to search for a parking space and the guidance system is more confusing than helpful?  Whether for municipal facilities and authorities, park & ride, sightseeing or shopping in the city centre, we have the solution! A nice side effect: in addition, traffic jams and emissions are reduced, the infrastructure is relieved and thus sustainable climate protection is achieved. With us you have the solution for display and availability of parking spaces, customers and visitors.

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Transport and logistics: requirements and advantages

Transport und Logistik - Anforderungen und Vorteile



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Industries Advantages

Automatic measurement for cooling systems

Cooling systems Food or IT departments (servers) and air conditioning systems contribute to the well-being of employees. Monitoring and maintaining the correct temperature or level is essential. In case of emergencies, this allows for a quick response. Damage, losses and downtime are thus averted.

With sensors and corresponding IoT solutions designed for particularly extreme temperature ranges, e.g. for deep-freezing or freezing below minus 20°C, refrigeration systems can be easily and automatically monitored, controlled and managed. These IoT solutions are also suitable for normal refrigeration units.

This refers not only to the temperature, but also to the fill levels of coolants and operating materials or other important parameters of the entire cooling technology.

In addition, alarm functions can be used to react quickly and specifically in the event of malfunctions and to initiate measures. In this way, valuable refrigerated goods, perishable food or high-quality technology can be protected and damage can be averted, as can the health of employees.

Transport und Logistik: intelligente Heimsysteme



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Securing liquidity with financing, leasing and hire purchase

For companies, investments are currently important to maintain business operations and contact with customers and employees due to the current situation and requirements regarding digitalisation, networking and cooperation.

This is also an important point for the future. Especially for home office and mobile workplaces or video conferencing solutions, both in hardware and software, but can equally be used for a new IoT project for process optimisation, and to make effective use of resources.

With leasing and hire purchase, companies do not have to make a high one-off investment, but spread the costs over monthly instalments with flexible terms over several years. In addition, immediate expenses are significantly reduced.



Transport und Logistik: Liquiditätssicherung mit Finanzierung, Leasing und Mietkauf​
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Überwachung von Umweltfaktoren - IoT

Environment and

Sustainable action with M2M and IoT increases efficiency and reduces costs 

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Pflege- und Gesundheitswesen

Save lives through flexible networking. How IoT and M2M are revolutionising the sector

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Time Recording - Digital

Electronic time recording is already in use in many companies. Use our intelligent solutions for your time recording management.



Zeiterfassung - Digital

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