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For plant & machinery, quality, time and cost are the most important factors in production. But as time goes by, the success factors become more demanding. Product diversity affecting integration and interoperability, real-time capability and the need for fast information increase the pressure. Different systems have to work together more and more seamlessly. Especially when connecting different locations and the associated network capability are a challenge. M2M Allnet has the right solution at hand - or adapts the solution to your needs. 

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Transformability is the new benchmark for plants & machines and affects all levels of a factory - from the sensor on the production level to visualisation and the calculation of key figures. All areas related to plants & machines are permeated by more demanding, faster, error-free processes. They can hardly be managed manually. Therefore, more and more IT systems control the operational business and monitor the processes. Changes are usually made digitally and then translated into operations. The boundaries between the system worlds of planning and production technology are disappearing more and more. In practice, changes to plant and machinery not only lead to spatial changes, but also increasingly entail software updates. But what sounds complex is solved simply in practice by M2M Allnet. We build the bridge and combine theory and practice into an uncomplicated and flexible daily routine for every industry.

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Advantages for plants & machines

Plants & Machines: Examples from everyday life

Plant & machinery with video surveillance

Fail-safe, reliable and flexible solutions in a combination of alarm systems and video technology are available to prevent or demonstrably document frequent damage to plant and machinery caused by thieves and intruders in and on outdoor areas as well as open spaces and grounds. These help to detect dangers at an early stage and in the event of unauthorised access or intrusion - an alarm is triggered with simultaneous start of video recording.

Alert and Security

At the same time, the alarm is checked via the control centre in order to avoid unnecessary deployment of police or other security forces. In addition, there is no longer any uncertainty about the situation and the psychological stress associated with it is also reduced.

Anlagen & Maschinen_Videoüberwachung

Thanks to the independence from long contract terms, an IoT solution with weekly rental prices offers a high level of protection at calculable costs, especially for securing construction sites or temporarily used or necessary deployment sites. This includes high-value equipment, vehicles or other facilities on the construction site, which are usually only secured against intrusion from the outside by a fence. Depending on the nature and conditions on site, the number of detectors and the corresponding technology can be flexibly adapted and deployed to effectively counter theft or vandalism. With additional support from specialists and other services, a very good security concept can be implemented that is tailored to the needs of the respective construction site or location.

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Combination of different plant systems

Anlagen & Maschinen_Alarm

Indoor and outdoor safety for plant & machinery

Both types of security, also alarm system plus video technology, are the perfect complete package with which outdoor areas and open spaces can be secured. All alarm messages from systems and machines are transmitted immediately with the help of video technology and evaluated in the emergency call control centre or your own control centre.

Fail-safe combination of video + alarm

In the course of the security concept for construction sites jointly developed by specialists, property developers and companies, the use of an extremely cost-effective, fail-safe and reliable IoT solution that combines an alarm system and video technology is recommended. This enables the early detection of unauthorised access, can be flexibly adapted to the conditions on site and has integrated further services, such as the triggering of a police operation. Both types of security, i.e. alarm system plus video technology, are the perfect complete package with which to secure outdoor areas and open spaces.

At the same time, the alarm is checked via the control centre in order to avoid unnecessary deployment of police or other security forces. In addition, there is no longer any uncertainty about the situation and the psychological stress associated with it is also reduced.

Plant & machinery with remote access

Control faults and alarms remotely

In the case of automated or standardised fault and error messages as well as alarms, it is of immense advantage to be able to react remotely and take targeted or necessary measures without being on site. From troubleshooting a machine to activating the emergency generator in the event of a power failure to quickly shutting down or restarting an application, a multitude of application areas or scenarios are conceivable.

Remote access to plants & machines

Der Fernzugriff mit schneller Reaktionszeit und direkter Eingriffsmöglichkeit bietet große Vorteile, um Fehler, Störungen und Alarme umgehend zu lokalisieren und abzustellen, unmittelbar zu managen und weitere Informationen schnellstmöglich an die richtigen Stellen weiterzuleiten. Wie IoT arbeiten kann und eingesetzt wird, erfahren Sie in unserem Blog.

Anagen & Maschinen_Sicherheit

Many scenarios and applications can be covered with IoT complete solutions, through which plants & machines can be configured securely, flexibly and individually. The worldwide availability of such a solution makes you independent and enables you to plan and deploy personnel and resources efficiently. This eliminates the need for expensive on-site deployments or travel. Through secure data connections and private APNs and IP addresses, bidirectional information transfer can be handled securely and in compliance with data protection laws.

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New challenges for plants & machines

Sicherheit IoT

Different requirements

The requirements for machines & plants can be different. Often a combination of alarm and video security is desired for both central and mobile use. At the same time, high costs should not be incurred and expansion options should be flexibly available.

Plants & machines with large amounts of data

It should also not be underestimated that large amounts of data are being worked with and maximum availability and fail-safety must be guaranteed. In addition, it should be self-evident that a reliable and secure transmission of information to a central control or operation centre takes place. It is not uncommon for fault messages and alarms to be received in real time and, if possible, independent of location, so that direct reactions can take place. This also requires direct access to the device. Of course, fail-safety is built into this. 

Speed, high data volumes, direct access and unusual locations with special conditions. You can meet all these challenges with M2M Allnet. Try it out!

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