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Industry SIM

Industry SIM: Our solution for exceptional circumstances

Industrial SIM cards: Industrial-grade cards are more durable and resistant than standard SIMs. This makes them particularly suitable for applications such as Smart Manufacturing, Smart Transportation and Healthcare IoT. You can choose between a 2-in-1 combination model, a 3-in-1 combination model or an eSIM / eUICC. Numerous partners are already counting on us. In short: your industry operates under extreme circumstances? Widely distributed, remote, with large machines? No problem - we network you!

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Standard-SIM Karte

Standard SIM

Network all your smart IoT devices, across all networks, transnationally with M2M Allnet!

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Industry SIM

Stay actionable everywhere and connect all industrial machines worldwide with M2M Allnet 



The successor to the classic SIM card, permanently installed in the end device. With all the familiar advantages!

Industry SIM: Give yourself an advantage

Industry SIM with transparent tariff

We offer simple and transparent prices - without fixed costs and without surprises. 

In doing so, we always strive to respond to our clients' circumstances. Your situation has changed or you have moved on? No problem - your personal customer advisor is at your side and responds flexibly to your needs.

Adaptation for special conditions

Of course, we also adapt contracts and tariffs accordingly. Transparent, uncomplicated and fast. We work in a practice-oriented way and know what challenges the industry has to meet. 

Thanks to its independence from long contract terms, an IoT solution with weekly rental prices offers a high level of security at calculable costs, especially for securing construction sites or temporarily used or necessary locations. This includes high-value equipment, vehicles or other facilities on the construction site, which are normally only secured from outside intrusion by fencing.

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Industry siM for best network coverage

Making the best use of resources with industry SIM

You change the area and suddenly there is no provider? That means you have no network and the connection doesn't work? Not with us! 

Industry SIM with multi-vendor connectivity

We have roaming agreements with over 380 providers in more than 160 countries, so we can connect to the appropriate provider in each area. With network coverage and the best reception! We specialise in the mobile network. Always on the move and present even in hard-to-reach places.

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Depending on the nature and conditions on site, the number of detectors and the corresponding technology can be flexibly adapted and used to effectively counter theft or vandalism. With additional support from specialists and other services, a very good security concept can be implemented that is tailored to the needs of the respective construction site or location.

Industry SIM Management


Global cost control

Full control over SIM card usage from an effective and complete web platform. You can choose from various payment methods for recharging. If you have any questions or uncertainties, we are always ready to answer them and respond to your requirements in a practical way. 

Efficiency and customer satisfaction

Is your consumption too high? Then of course an employee is available to help you find the right tariff and the right solution. Of course, you are not tied in for the long term, but can flexibly adapt the tariff to the circumstances and challenges of your industry and your company at any time. We are always available to answer your questions and to find the right solution together with you.

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Rate calculator

M2M Allnet rate calculator

Special features of an M2M SIM card

1. shape and characteristics of the SIM card

In addition to the familiar 3-in1 SIM card, which is also used for smartphones, there is the more robust "industrial SIM", which is characterised by an extended temperature range. It is designed for 85°C - instead of the usual 25°C over 10 years.

2. industrial sim for extremes

Equally heat-resistant, but mechanically even more robust, is an embedded SIM, which is soldered directly into the modem as a chip. 


With the "Programmable SIM", the contents of the SIM card can be changed remotely. This makes it possible to change providers without replacing the SIM card. The function of the so-called "over-the-air update" is independent of the physical design of the card and is therefore available for all form factors.

Industry SIm: Advantages


Security is the most important thing for machine communication. For this reason, the traffic of M2M connections is already separated from the rest of the data traffic in the provider's core network. This is possible via access points, so-called APNs, which are to be defined as private. With the help of this, the so-called gateways are able to send data directly to the customer via M2M platforms. In order to increase security, VPN connections are often interposed. 


3. Management platform

As already mentioned on the IoT Platform page, the management platform is the heart of an M2M mobile radio solution. It can be used to control and manage SIM cards and end devices in a portal. Further integrations and "third-party docking" are possible via an API. 

4. Industry sim with safety

The configurations of all connections and endpoints are set up in the management platform. From activation and configuration of service profiles to billing and blocking, numerous settings can be made. 

For example, the activity of a device and the network status of the SIM card can be viewed at any time. Is the card logged in? If yes - to which network and how much data was transferred? In the event of an error, diagnostic functions such as a reset of the connection help. In addition, various reports on the connection details are available.

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Worldwide network selection

5. Von überall besten Empfang

M2M SIM cards are often used internationally and then require a particularly large number of networks available worldwide. Last but not least, companies and the entire industry are expanding more and more abroad. In response to these circumstances, M2M Allnet has also evolved. 

6. Industry SIM as an industry advantage

Industry in particular benefits from this. Trucks in quarries, excavators in forests or other machines are often needed in unusual, logistically difficult areas. It is precisely this challenge that M2M Allnet has taken as an opportunity to offer a solution that, in addition to excellent service, is characterised above all by flexibility. 
Industrie SIM weltweit

It is precisely this challenge that has prompted M2M Allnet to offer a solution that, in addition to excellent service, is characterised above all by flexibility. In addition, we score points with over 500 networks in more than 160 countries and territories around the world. A good connection and always the right partner is guaranteed with us. 

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Network access


7. best reception on all networks

Standard M2M sim cards only have network access in the national area or can serve at least 2 networks. This has the advantage that you can guarantee better reception even with the simplest solutions. M2M Allnet has even extended this offer and enables an almost worldwide flexible connection. 

8. Industry SIM with distinctions

Basically, a distinction is made between controlled and uncontrolled SIM. The latter dials into any available network without any preference and is the classic model often issued by network operators. A controlled SIM, on the other hand, has prioritised its own network and sticks to it as long as it can. This can lead to the smartphone having poor reception despite better options.  

To anticipate these problems, you are welcome to let us advise you. We will provide you with an expert who not only has many years of experience, but also has an excellent understanding of your needs and the challenges of your industry.  Together we will find the right solution. 

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A special feature of the management functions concerns monitoring. In particular, the focus is on protection against misuse and cost control. The latter is ensured by configuring the permitted countries and networks so that the device can only connect where the intended tariffs apply. 

9. Flexible tariffs and transparent billing

On the one hand, special tariff offers exist for the M2M market and on the other hand, even customer-specific tariffs are configured. With the common model of data pooling, the unused data volume of one device can be passed on to the other devices. This achieves better utilisation of the packages. 

10. Wide bandwidth for industry SIM

In contrast to conventional data tariffs, M2M tariffs have to cover a much larger bandwidth: some applications only need a few megabytes, others range around several hundred MB and still others need 1 or several gigabytes. Prices for different networks and countries vary just as much, which is why fine differentiation by country and even by network is necessary or advantageous.
Überwachung der Industrie SIM-Karte

In addition, data limits and alarms can prevent more data from being transmitted than planned. Misuse by stealing a card and using it in another terminal can be prevented by "IMEI lock". This function prevents any use in a terminal other than the one assigned.

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